About the powerhouse

As you might expect, The Banks Powerhouse installs every part Banks make. The PowerHouse is a clean, brightly lit, and extremely well equipped facility. It's configured with lifts for 4 trucks plus two lifts for motorhomes, which can handle up to 50,000 pounds. Customers can enjoy a snack in our comfortable lounge while they wait, and tap into RV hookups and free Wi-Fi internet access.

The PowerHouse is more than just a speed shop for trucks and RVs. It serves also as our quality assurance facility. We are continuously installing our own parts, checking the fit, performance and packaging of everything we sell. We create our own instruction manuals, based on feedback from our own technicians. If there is any kind of problem in manufacturing, we find out about it first.

We're extremely proud of the depth and professional aptitudes of our mechanics and technicians, many of whom are life-long enthusiasts or racers themselves.

The PowerHouse is open to any customers who care to make an appointment. Possibilities range from simple installs to complete performance makeovers. We're experts at installing Banks parts, but if a vehicle comes in with modifications already made using another manufacturer's equipment, that's not an issue. On occasion, we have found that it can be questionable to combine, say, another manufacturer's electronic chips with certain Banks products, and guarantee the outcome. But normally conflicts are minimal. Those customers who would like to set up installs or makeovers at The Banks PowerHouse are invited to call toll-free 800-601-8072, or visit bankspowerhouse.com to find out more. Hours are 7 am to 4 pm, PSD.

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